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A Synergistic Partnership in Communication

Step into the dynamic realm where dyslexic thinking meets Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our blog explores the remarkable collaboration between non-linear dyslexic minds and AI, unraveling the potential for a powerful team. However, it's essential to approach this partnership with realistic expectations, viewing AI not as a replacement but as a companion in the creative process.

Individuals with dyslexia often possess a unique ability to grasp the bigger picture, navigating thoughts from step 6 to 18 to 35 to 100 in a non-linear fashion. The AI, particularly ChatGPT, complements this by being proficient in linear tasks, but still understanding nonlinear information making it an ideal collaborator for those with dyslexic thinking patterns.

However, it's crucial to acknowledge that AI isn't infallible. Occasionally, it may "hallucinate" or lose track, emphasizing the need for a careful review of the generated content. Advances in AI technology have significantly minimized these issues, and thorough testing ensures reliability in various applications.

Learning to communicate effectively with AI is a skill that evolves over time. While AI, like Microsoft's Copilot, connected to the internet, is adept at quick responses and generating concise text with links, ChatGPT by OpenAI, not connected to the internet, excels in maintaining focus on longer, more intricate text

Despite any language barriers or grammatical concerns, AI serves as a patient and non-judgmental ally. Embrace the collaborative potential, using AI to enhance your unique strengths and contribute to more efficient and effective communication.

In the fusion of dyslexic thinking and AI capabilities, we witness a harmonious partnership that transcends limitations. This collaboration, when approached with realistic expectations and an understanding of AI's nuances, unveils a world of creative possibilities. Embrace the journey of utilizing AI as a companion, refining your communication skills, and tapping into the endless potential of this synergistic alliance.


Funtions to think of

– Write emails

– Write text general

– Correct text for you

– Translate (you have google translate) write something in native language before you translate it

– Sumerise text

– Copilot sumerise or search right website or within website

Below are the links what is talked about that you can use for free with the Copilot it is good to sign in to your Hotmail to save the conversations. This one is connected to the internet.


Below is the link to Chat GPT where you need to make an account but you can make a free account and use it unlimited. This is more for longer text and less distraction.

Chat GPT

This is my own "Christian Boer" experience and given also webinars about it to get reaction of the audience. But if you have any questions please let us know.